Bellingham artist Cara Jaye hangs her installation "Water On the Mountain" at the Museum of Northwest Art on Wednesday afternoon as she and other artists prepare for an exhibit called "Surge". The exhibit looks at how oceans, rivers, forests, wildlife and people of the region might be affected by climate change during the next 35 years.  - Brandy Shreve/Skagit Valley Herald   Image from article:  Museum exhibit explores climate Change  By Kimberly Cauvel, Sept. 17, 2016
 This elongated landscape shows a shifting view from the mountains through the agricultural lands of the Skagit Valley to the Salish Sea. The theme of the image is the snow/rain balance. With reduced snow pack in the mountains, water is not stored and released slowly over time, but instead a greater and faster release of water flows immediately into the river.  The stronger likelihood of flooding, and other dramatic weather occurrences, are the big events we will notice as part of global climate change.   
 Water On the Mountain, 2016
 Magic Marker Brain Pop at Gallery Gowoon in South Korea, 2016
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